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Machining Uhmw Plastic

Machining Uhmw Plastic

Introduction of the CNC Turning And Milling Uhmwpe Parts UHMWPE material has exceptionally low coefficient of friction offering superb sliding properties and is one of the best plastics for wear/abrasion resistance meanwhile tough and impact resistant even at cryogenic temperatures. As a result,...

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We have been doing professional injection mold and injection molding products for 14 years, equipped with 30 sets mold processing equipment, proffessional CAD, CAM, CAE technology and special testing equipment.



Discription: cnc plastic machining


Materialssla sls 3d print rapid prototype
ABSGear,Bearing,handle,machine shell,machine parts, instrument,calculator,radio televisions,toys
PStableware,toys,packaging,optical instruments,tele components. decorative panels,radio enclosures,transparent models
PPauto parts,flanges,joints,pump impeller,medical equipment,pipe
PEelectrical insulating materials,daily necessaries, fish nets,industrial containers
PCHigh strength parts,shield,cameras shell,rack, gear,screw,frame, socket,plug, coloured sheet
switch,power tools,handle,shell,metre parts,pipe, safety helmets,tableware,electrical components,
PAbearing,gear,puley,drive belt,handle,shell, tool holder,cable shealthm,metal surface costing
support frame,tranmission cover,cable,precision parts,gasket

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