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Performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Sep 14, 2016

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) fiber is the world's third-generation special fibers, strength of up to 30.8cN/dtex, strength is the tallest of chemical fiber, and good wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance and excellent performance. It can be directly made into rope, rope, fishing nets and all kinds of fabrics: bullet-proof vests and clothing, cut resistant gloves, bullet-proof vests bulletproof than Kevlar. World of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) fibers woven into ropes of different size, replacing the traditional steel cables and synthetic fibre rope, etc. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) for fiber composites have been used in military armor shell and radar protection jacket, helmet, etc; sporting goods have been made such as bow, ski and water skiing.

Roll forming is a solid processing method, that is, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) below the melting point of its high-pressure through particle deformations, efficient particle and particle integration. Major equipment is a channel with the Rotary wheel and ARC slider with a tongue and Groove, tongue and Groove with the screw slot vertical. In efficient use in the processing of the material between the wall and the friction, generate enough pressure to make ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) particle deformed. At the end frame equipped with heating, after die out materials. If the roll pressure device and extrusion machines for, can make the process continuous.

Compared with other engineering plastics, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE) with surface hardness and heat distortion temperature low, bending strength and creep of poor performance and other shortcomings. This is because of the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-PE), molecular structure and molecular aggregation pattern caused by of fill and ways you can be improved.