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PE Shooting Board / Mobile Ice Skating Plate / Ice Rink Hockey Dasher Board

PE Shooting Board / Mobile Ice Skating Plate / Ice Rink Hockey Dasher Board

Plastic ice rinks is harder than steel, and closest to real ice available today. The backyard hockey rinks is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications and even used some of the most severe temperature conditions. As the backyard hockey rinks are so hard, the scratch is not worried.

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UHMWPE Ice rink can be applied in skating rinks ,community synthetic synthetic ice christmas skating rink events , holiday celebration,annual festivals,company parties,private celebrations,figure skating,regualr skating , ice hockey/skating traing,carnival celebrations and Shopping mall centre,Community entertainment,Indoor or outdoor ,Backyard or basement,Commerical Rental,Masqurade celebration, family entertainment and  etc.

Stock size:1950mm*1500mm*15mm or 20mm

1500mm*950mm*15mm or 20mm

Customized size:4ft*8ft 4ft*4ft 1m*2m 1m*1m or other

(thickness:1/2inch 3/4inch 15mm 20mm)

Low MOQ(10 square meters,4pcs accepted)

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