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Factory Supply Hdpe Road Mat For Temporary Impact Resistant Mats

Factory Supply Hdpe Road Mat For Temporary Impact Resistant Mats

Plastic HDPE Ground Protection Road Mats Road Mats,Plastic Ground Protection Mats,HDPE Road Mats Temporary Ground Road Mat is made up with the advanced technology materials - HDPE (high density polyethylene). The construction road mat is suitable for heavy goods vehicles, and it loads up to 150...

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Large work pads for oil drilling/ temporary flooring
Create temporary roadways for all types of vehicles and equipment or large work pads for oil drilling.

Rig mats, road mats, access roads, leases, pipeline crossings, creek crossings, staging areas, camps, tank farms, under drilling/completion rigs, environmentally sensitive applications, sensitive land owners, pipeline construction, muskeg, remote helicopter pads, emergency egress, accessing spills for environmental cleanup, transmission line construction, wind farm construction, bridge decks, blasting mats.

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