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2 Inch Thickness Port Equipment Fender

UHMWPE & HDPE is a unique,low friction polyethylene material.The UHMWPE & HDPE possess a low coefficient of friction which provides a smooth sliding surface for ships to trave along the fender face.

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What is uhmwpe & hdpe marine fender face pad/dock bumper?

UHMWPE & HDPE is a unique,low friction polyethylene material.The UHMWPE & HDPE possess a low coefficient of friction which provides a smooth sliding surface for ships to trave along the fender face. Combining the benefits of higher wear resistance(even greater then steel) and lower maintenance costs,the pads are easy to fabricate,install and can be fastened to steel,concrete,wood and rubber.We can do the pads for different size,thickness,type and colors according to customer's requirement.

UHMWPE & HDPE Marine Fender Face Pad/Dock Bumper Properties:

1.Abrasion resistance

2.High energy absorption

3.Impact resistance


5.Zero water absorption

6.Chemical resistance

7.Low coefficient of friction

8.Excellent temperature property

9.High tensile strength


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